Timely advice to avoid potential conflicts

Finding solutions and concluding agreements

Solutions on friendly terms do always prevail

Well-timed advice offers a lot of opportunities to avoid potential conflicts in the future as well as the opportunity to discuss and find most convenient solutions and proceedings for such potential conflicts in prior of being raised. We may represent and advise you in all legal matters such as negotiations with business partners, banks, insurances, potential opponents and in family law and employment law matters. Jointly with you, we are looking for mutual agreements. If such solutions may not be found and, if  litigation proceedings are inevitable, we may represent you at the court in accordance with your chances.

Trust is the basis for a successful cooperation. Therefore, our major approach for all legal support is the very close cooperation with you and in accordance with your personal and economical aims.

We represent and provide advice to private individuals, undertakings of all kind and independent professionals.

We may keep all correspondence in English or French, if required.

Gert Kierdorf and
Simone Marquardt-Kierdorf –

Gert Kierdorf and Simone Marquardt-Kierdorf are working together since 2002. The cooperation started in the law office “Kierdorf & Schübel” and since 2009, both are partners of their law office “Kierdorf Rechtsanwälte”. Due to the fact, that both speak English and French fluently, all communication and correspondence may be conducted in English/French upon request.

Gert Kierdorf

Member of the German association for Intellectual Property and Copyright (GRUR) He worked for more than 10 years as instructor of the young lawyers/judges/public prosecutors in lawyer matters during their trainee period.

Member of the Cologne Lawyers association (KAV) and the chamber of lawyers of the district of Cologne.

Attorney-at-law Gert Kierdorf

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Simone Marquardt-Kierdorf

Member of the peer group family law at the German lawyers association (DAV).

Member of the Cologne Lawyers association (KAV) and the chamber of lawyers of the district of Cologne.

Attorney-at-law Simone Marquardt-Kierdorf

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Our Practice Areas


For Employment Law purposes, we support and represent Employers, Employees and works councils as following:

  • Support and representation about all aspects of the employment relationship from its beginning through its development
  • In all kind of termination scenarios: Support and representation about the termination itself as well as about all according aspects
  • Matters of wage (collective) agreements, management participation, works councils rights
  • Support in all employment aspects of structural changes, acquisitions, privatizations

For inheritance purposes, we provide services for undertakers and private clients as following:

  • Succession scenarios for owners/shareholders of undertakings
  • Avoidance/limitation of inheritance tax
  • Drafting and arranging of last wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Assistance and representation in all disputes arising about succession rights
  • Advice about aspects and influences between inheritance and family law

For family law purposes, we may support and represent you in all matters about marriage, (private) partnership, non-formalized partnership, alimony, custody, visiting rights and adoption. We offer especially:

  • Preventive advice for planned (hetero- and homosexual) marriages including inheritance aspects
  • Support and representation of spouses and (private) partners in case of separation, divorce and termination of partnership including the litigation proceedings
  • Contractual settlements about divorce-/termination of partnership related issues
  • Support and representation in alimony, custody and visiting rights matters
  • Advice about lease and tenant right aspects of separation, divorce and termination of partnership
  • Support of reconciliation proceedings
  • Advice about aspects and influences between inheritance and family law
  • Advice about adoption

For Intellectual property law purposes, we provide amongst others:

  • Preventive support for intended marketing or advertising measures about potential infringements against rules about unfair competition
  • Negotiating, drafting and finalizing of all contractual relationships about copyright, royalties and any kind of media-use
  • Trademark (Germany, EC and/or international) registrations
  • Priority or delimitation agreements with owners of corresponding trademarks
  • In case of warning notices for infringement of rules about unfair competition: Assistance and representation in all corresponding litigation matters

For Corporate and commercial Law purposes, we provide the following services:

  • Support for all contractual commercial relationships including negotiations and drafting/finalizing of contracts
  • All support at Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Planning and executing of structural changes for companies and groups
  • Support(especially of foreign undertakings and shareholders) for start- ups including choice of legal entity, statutes, contractual relationships with management and supervisory board
  • Representation or hidden assistance of shareholders
  • Support and representation of management directors, board and supervisory board members
  • Management of internal projects for larger companies

We may support and represent you in road accident matters and take care of all related concerns including your entitlements against involved parties and insurances. This support includes the following issues:

  • Claims about all vehicle related or other material damages
  • Compensation for personal suffering
  • Compensation for non-use/substitute vehicles
Means issues, which may raise most likely for each client during a certain period and which we therefore handle quite frequently and are able to cover as well. These are
  • Lease law matters (checking of contracts/drafts, writ of notice, action of ejectment, defects, increase in rent, sublease, etc.)
  • All matters about collecting debts

Larger legal projects

Over the last years, we were more and more requested for larger legal projects with additional skills to those in the common matters. Such project work has been developed rapidly and has become a major part of our success.

Beyond our legal advice, in these projects we take care about the coordination of the whole project including the coordination of work of other external advisors and internal employees involved.

The projects in the past covered the following themes and areas

  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Restructuring
  • Planning and implementation of successor scenarios for undertakings
  • Compliance
  • (temporary) Support/Management of a legal department
  • Planning and implementation of Company/Group wide data protection structure under the GDPR


For our general advice (no representation), we will be remunerated upon agreement (usually on basis of time spent).
For all representation in litigation matters, our services will be remunerated in accordance with the German Act on Lawyers Fees (RVG).
All other representation services may also be charged in accordance with the RVG if no other remuneration is mutually agreed.


Main seat:

Am Hof 28, 50667 Köln
+49 221 57 77 997 0
+49 221 57 77 997 10

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